Small Business Example

Physician Revenue Advisors LLC (PRA) granted us permission to use them to  illustrate how one small business implemented SharePoint Services to support their customer, staff management and sales and marketing efforts.

PRA is a real firm that provides revenue cycle management to physicians.  This means they provide software and services from electronic health records through to patient and insurance company billing and collections. PRA is basically divided into two areas: marketing/sales and operations. Each with different staffs.

They are an Office 365 ProPlus user. They use Office 365 for their email, website, blog and internal SharePoint sites.  Consequently, all of their internal and external internet needs are met in the cloud through one central point. This saves them money, training, and maintenance effort since they are working with a single vendor.  They use all of Microsoft’s Office suite including Microsoft Access.  The reason I point out Microsoft Access is because it is used in their SharePoint based lead tracking application and Access is not included in some of the Office 365 offerings.

I will use screen shots to illustrate how they are using SharePoint.  You may need to use the Zoom function in your browser to better view these screen shots.