Office 365 Nonprofit

I am adding a blog post on Office 365 Nonprofit since these organizations also face many of the same challenges as small businesses such as:

  • No or very limited technical staff.
  • Limited financial resources.
  • Minimal staff overall.
  • Staff/Volunteers performing multiple roles.
  • Effectively managing projects.
  • Multiple software packages to manage operations that could be consolidated.

As with small businesses, I believe that nonprofits can achieve significant operational efficiencies and cost savings by adopting Office 365 Nonprofit. I also want to familiarize blog visitors with the Microsoft’s Nonprofit offerings in case they know of an organization that would benefit from SharePoint online.

The SharePoint online nonprofit features are very similar to the those available for the business versions of SharePoint Online. This link provides information on Office 365 Nonprofit plans and pricing. Organizations that you know may qualify for free versions of Office 365! Eligibility requirements vary by country and organization size and the latter link provides further information and pricing for non-free plans.

As I mention on the My Consulting Services page of this blog, I provide my consulting services for free to organizations that qualify for the either the donated version of Office 365 Nonprofit or Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium. This is my way of giving back to our local nonprofit community.