Office 365 Business Center Preview vs SharePoint

Microsoft included Business Center in Office 365 Business Premium. They added “Preview” after the word Center since it’s a new offering. This is the link for more information on Office 365 Business Center Preview. I’m not going to go through Business Center’s pluses and minuses since its new, but at this time it doesn’t even come close to the customer management that you can do through SharePoint.

Office 365 Business Center Preview does have a couple of advantages:

  1. Syncing of Business Center customer data with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. I did not try QuickBooks Online but I was not able to properly sync with QuickBooks Desktop. Also, the Contact features in Business Center have some bug issues that need addressing.
  2. Ability to generate customer invoices in Business Center and sync those with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. The invoicing capabilities/features are very limited at this time and I could not find information on how to sync with the desktop version.

Business Center functions in a closed environment, unlike SharePoint, making it hard to share data. I think Microsoft would have been better off making Business Center a SharePoint application.

Sales Materials & SharePoint

PRA established a  dedicated SharePoint subsite for all sales and marketing materials.  Sales and marketing team members are granted Read permissions, meaning they can view and copy documents, while sales and marketing managers are granted Edit permissions, meaning they can add, delete, and make changes to most site materials.  The documents that managers can not change are password protected.

File folders hold sales and marketing materials by physician type (e.g. dermatologist, ophthalmologists, etc.), Medicare, Medicaid, and third party  insurance providers.  General documents, such as PRA’s letter head, are listed separately on the sales and marketing page so that they can be downloaded for use.

PRA uses SharePoint’s Newsfeed capability to announce changes or additions to sales and marketing materials.  Therefore team members are always up to date on both the latest materials and the firm’s sales and marketing themes.


Sales Main Page