How SB2O Works

Here are 3 things you need to know about SharePoint Online in order to understand how SB2O operates:

  1. SharePoint Online is basically a collection of websites administered under what Microsoft not surprisingly calls a “site collection.” The “site collection administrator” sets up each site, what features are turned on and off for a site, and the overall security permissions for a site.  Each site can be viewed as its own little island. Large businesses often set up a site for each of their divisions, departments, etc. Once a site is setup you can save it as a template. So if a large business has two departments that are similar, they set a site up for one department and then copy it as a template and use it as the site for the other department.
  2. Each SharePoint site comes with application/solution templates provided by Microsoft ( you can also buy third party applications).  There are a lot of templates such as a document library, task list, survey, calendar, discussion board, etc. You can customize each one depending on a site’s business needs. So you can have the Human Resources site look different than the Finance site. You can also save each customized application/solution as template so it can be used over again either by the same site or other sites.
  3. Microsoft sells SharePoint Online through three Office 365 Business packages.

SP 4 Small Biz LLC is a Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials customer. SB2O is a SharePoint site template made up of standard SharePoint application/templates tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. We also added functionality using SharePoint Online related tools (e.g. workflows).

We are the site collection administrator and each customer is provided a separate site with the SB2O template. Our customers don’t need to worry about buying licenses, setting up and administrating SharePoint Online and the related Office 365 processes. You are our customer and we are Microsoft’s customer.

So if you like SB2O’s functionality and believe that SharePoint Online can help your business, we would be very happy to have you as a customer.

Feel free to contact Sales for more information.