This is a screen shot of SB2O’s standard Home page. Always Green Landscape & Garden Supply is a fictitious small business used for illustration purpose. All SB2O web pages look similar.

The name of your small business and logo are added to the page.  These two items automatically appear on all site pages.


The website menu is listed on the left on all pages.  The search bar allows the user to search the entire site. Permissions control the items returned as part of the search.  We set the standard permissions for this page.

Share on the upper right allows a user to share the page with others in and outside the business (limited by permissions). Follow in the upper right allows the user to receive email alerts whenever anything changes on the page.  Both Share and Follow appear on all site pages.

All SharePoint web pages are cell phone and tablet friendly.

The table below summarizes SB2O’s features:

Customer/Prospect ManagementKeep detail information on each customer/prospect. The related Contact list provides a log of each customer/prospect contact, next steps, and a calendar depicting when the step needs to be undertaken. Easily identify missed or late contact actions. The calendar can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook.
Customer SurveySurvey customers on any subject. View responses and graphical depiction of survey results.
Job CalendarAutomatic scheduling of jobs including location, job time length, start and end times, frequency and staff assigned.
Job Document LibraryJob documents, proposals, contracts, and other job-related information can be easily organized and shared.
Job Issue TrackingKeep track of customer issues, assign responsibility, and the issue status.
Job Bid TrackingTrack status of bids, including lost bids, prepare bids, send bid emails to customers/prospects, update job calendar for won jobs.
Marketing Campaign TemplateKeep track off marketing campaign results. Automatically convert them to prospects/customers.
OneNote OnlineMicrosoft’s OneNote is included with your SharePoint site.
Organization CalendarDisplay organization wide meetings and activities. Optionally display staff member calendars centrally.
Organization DocumentsThe Organization document library provides a place to store files where workers can find them easily, work on them together, and access them from any device at any time. A great place to store such items as human resource guidelines, equipment operating manuals, organizational policies, etc.
Phone Call ListLog incoming callers, subject, person called, date/time received, logged by, if returned and when.
Staff TimesheetsStaff submits time on jobs and non-billable time. Managers can easily review and approve time submissions
Task Project ManagementOrganizations that undertake task driven projects can take advantage of SharePoint Task Lists. Including their Gantt and Pert charting capabilities. Develop and track detail task level budgets for services, supplies, and materials. Capture staff project time and project supply and material costs. Determine billing amounts.
Task Project LibraryEasily organize and share task project documents. Tie project documents as related items in task plans.
Vehicle Mileage ListTrack company vehicles by trip, customer/prospect and job.