Business Needs Addressed

Small business operations are generally composed of the following:

  • Marketing & Sales.  Publicly articulating the business’s services and products, finding leads and turning these leads into customers. Maintaining and fostering existing customer relationships.
  • Product & Service Delivery. Delivery of the promised product or service in a profitable and timely manner. Ensuring customer satisfaction with their delivery.
  • Administration & Staff Management. Hiring and retaining staff, training them on internal process and procedures, and keeping staff up to date on product and service offerings and delivery.  Monitoring and assessing staff delivery of products and services and their implementation of company process and procedures.
  • Accounting and Finance. Ensuring profitability, adequate cash flow, timely billing and cash collection and keeping staff sufficiently busy to earn a profit. Developing and maintaining financial reports to monitor profitability and improve operational efficiency.

Small business need to be efficient in these operations to maximize profitability and ensure on going company success.  There must be efficient supporting processes and systems in place for these operations.  Close team work is also a must.

If you feel that your business can improve in these areas:

  • Collaboration both internally and with existing and potential customers.
  • Organizing, delivering, and tracking internal and/or external jobs/projects.
  • Leveraging prior experiences.
  • Generating, managing and approving documentation more effectively.
  • Fostering a stronger team spirit.
  • Reducing overlapping or redundant administrative software.

Then SharePoint along with Office 365 and this blog may bring efficiencies to your organization.