This blog discusses how small businesses can improve their efficiency using Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Office 365.

Why am I spending my time writing on specific Microsoft products?  Because after using SharePoint and Office 365 in several of my small businesses, I truly believe that they can improve the efficiencies and reduce costs with minimal effort.  I also believe they can replace multiple software packages thus saving money and staff time.  I neither resell SharePoint/Office 365 nor have a formal or informal relationship with Microsoft. I do consult on implementing SharePoint and Office 365 primarily in small businesses and I do this because they are terrific team building and productivity products.

Why am I focused on small businesses?  Because almost all of my career has been spent in consulting and some of it providing accounting software to small businesses. I know they are rarely recipients on information from others on improving operations.

This blog is non-technical in nature.  It speaks to improving operations from a business perspective. One of the reasons I am excited about SharePoint and Office 365 is because Microsoft offers cloud versions that do not require technical expertise and dedicated hardware to reap their benefits.  You can use them straight off the cloud and don’t need to buy add on programs.

About Me

I am an accountant by training and a CPA.  The majority of my entire career has been in the consulting industry developing information management systems for a variety of different businesses.  I spent almost 15 years at Ernst & Young implementing information systems and over 5 years at Microsoft helping build their consulting services. I left Microsoft before SharePoint and Office 365 were developed and became aware of them because I track their product offerings.  Since leaving Microsoft, I have been a principal in several small businesses.  I started using SharePoint/Office 365 internally in these businesses and have first hand knowledge on how they can improve communications, operations, and lower costs.

I am also certified in QuickBooks Professional 2015 and that is why many of my posts addresses integrating SharePoint and Office 365 with QuickBooks and other accounting applications.

Feel free to email me at joem@sp4smallbiz.com at any time.

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