Syncing Data between SharePoint & QuickBooks Desktop – Using IIF

There are basically 2 ways to sync data between Office SharePoint 365 and QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) files.
  2. Microsoft Excel and CSV files.

We review the IIF method in this post. Here is more information from Inuit on IIF Files.

Generally, you will use IIF files to update QuickBooks from SharePoint when there is no option to copy and paste list data into QuickBooks. You will use IIF files to update SharePoint from QuickBooks when you can’t use QuickBooks to format data into a report for exporting to Excel and then into SharePoint.

Update QuickBooks from SharePoint

We’ll use SB2O Customer Type List to update the QuickBooks Pro Customer Type List using the following steps:

A. Go to QuickBooks Desktop Sync Library under Setup on the SB2O SharePoint Site.

B. Download and Save the file to a convenient location. Keep it as a txt file. Open the downloaded SB2O Customer Type IIF in Excel.  We only need to add the Client Types to the Name column.  The rest of the cells are left blank.  We are not adding REFNUM and TIMESTAMP since we let QuickBooks use the default values.

C. Go to the SB2O Customer Type List under Setup.  Click on Export to Excel.  Open in a new Excel Workbook and Copy the Customer Type Names that need to be added to QuickBooks and paste them in the spreadsheet in B. Save the txt file.

D. Go to File>Utilities>Import>IIF Files in QuickBooks and Import the txt file.

E. Check that the import is correct.

Update SharePoint From QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s reverse the above process to see how to go from QuickBooks Desktop to an Office 365 SharePoint List.

A. Go to Files>Utilities>Export>Lists to IIF Files.  This shows the Lists that can be exported as an IIF file.  Check Customer Type List, hit OK and save the file to a convenient location.  You get a message telling you that the data has been successfully exported.

B. Open the file in Excel. Select the cells you want to Copy and Past into the SB2O Customer Type List.

C. Go to SB2O>Setup>Customer Type List.   Open it in “Classic View” and click on Edit this list.

D. Highlight the first cell you want to paste the data into and hit Control V.  The copied data is pasted into the List. Stop editing the list.

Note: 3rd party vendor software exists to sync data between SharePoint Online and QuickBooks Desktop, it is fairly expense to buy, implement, and maintain.   Here at SB2O we decided that it is not worth the additional cost to implement it in our offering. Mainly because List data is not that volatile after it has been setup.