QuickBooks Online & SharePoint Online Synchronization Revisited

The post QuickBooks Online & SharePoint Online Synchronization discusses how the two products can be synchronized – the bottom line in that post being not very well. I decided to revisit this post after examining Microsoft’s QuickBooks content pack for Power BI . I briefly discuss Microsoft’s Power BI in my post Power BI and SharePoint. Power BI content packs connect to a service, in this case QuickBooks Online (QBO), and then create a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports. As Microsoft points out, the content pack is in beta and might change, so any reports and dashboards you develop may not work/need to be changed in the final version.

I uploaded QuickBooks’ Example Larry’s Landscape and Garden Supply company into QBO. (As a side note, the upload went smoothly.) I then used the Power BI content pack to connect to QBO. The content pack quickly developed a dashboard and reports for Larry’s Landscape and Garden Supply based on the example company. Below is screen shot of what was in the dashboard. The example company has very little data and its dated so the dashboard looks funny but it gives you an idea of what the content pack generates. Also Power BI map visualizations can generate odd results when first generated…I didn’t bother to go back and clean up the Customer/Client Map. You can drill down on the reports to see more detail. A neat feature of Power BI is the “Ask a question about your data”, it generates reports based on your question and based on my experience it does a pretty good job of providing the information.

As I mention in my SharePoint & Power BI post you can develop dashboards and reports for SharePoint Online lists and embed them on a SharePoint page. Power BI allows you to use multiple data sources in report development. Consequently, you can combine SharePoint List data and QBO data to develop integrated reports. Below is screen shot of a Power BI Desktop where I’ve taken in the Invoice table from QBO and the Customer & Prospect List from SharePoint so I can develop an integrated report using both data sources.

Combining SharePoint Online, QBO, and Power BI can provide small businesses with a rich environment for managing their businesses.

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