Example SharePoint Survey Application

SharePoint comes with an easy to use survey application that can be used for just about any type of survey (e.g. customer, employee, vendor, etc.). This blog post illustrates using the survey application for an internal employee survey. We use Monster’s “Employee Survey: Use this Sample to Build your own Questionnaire” to illustrate setting up a SharePoint survey.

Select the app by going to Site Content>Your Apps>Apps You Can Add and on the second set of apps is the Survey app. Double click on the icon and the app will be added to your SharePoint site. In this case, we added it to the Human Resources subsite.

Once added, the Employee Survey app looks like this:

The survey name and description is set through the app General Settings page illustrated below.

Notice the Survey Options settings. I decide for this illustration that I don’t want user names showing up in survey results. If I had set it to Yes, only users with the proper permissions could see the user names. Also I want to limit the user to one survey response. Setting “Allow multiple responses?” to No means the user cannot access the survey once they fully complete it the first time.

Below is the screen shot of the actual Employee Survey web page. You can’t tell by looking at the screen shot, unless you are already familiar with SharePoint surveys, but there only two questions. The first question is “Sample Employee Survey*” and the second is “Comments:”.  The * meaning required to be completed.

The numbered questions you see under “Sample Employee Survey*” are sub-questions. I set them up as sub-questions because I want to use apps built in Rating Scale capability for answering the questions. You set the scale range and the Range Text you want to use. Notice there is “Branching Logic” in the settings. I’m not showing that in my screen shot because I’m not using it, but that capability allows you to control the next question the user sees based on the answer to the current question.

Instead of using the built in Rating Scale, I could have set each sub question up as a separate question and required a 1 to 5 number response (or anything else). I felt it was important to allow employees a submit comments so I set the Comments question as multiple lines of text.

The Survey app comes with a “Show a graphical summary of responses” and a “Show all responses” view. Screen shots are shown below.

Notice that the Created By is hidden since opted not to include user names in the survey.

Setting up this Employee Survey took me about 5 minutes and it furthers show has SharePoint Online can be used to monitor and improve your business.

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