SharePoint Lookup Column Links

In SharePoint, the standard default is to present Lookup columns in a view with a link to  their originating list.  In the screen shot of the Prospect list from the Marketing & Sales subsite, the Lookup column Prospect comes from the Customer and Prospect list on the main site.


The Prospect Name is in blue and if you click on the link you are taken to the main site and provided the opportunity to edit the related data.

It may not be desirable to provide the user this linked capability.  For example it is very easy to click on the link by accident what you are editing the row that contains the Lookup Column. Consequently, to provide the prospect name  without the link, you need to check the Lookup field to the “Add a column” listing even though it is the column you are looking up.  You then show the Add a column field choice in your view.  This field does not have a link back to the original list.


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