Dashboard & View Ideas – Taking the Project List One Step Forward

The post The Case for a Project List discusses the advantageous of setting up Jobs/Projects in SharePoint. Reporting being one of the major advantages. Let’s look at an example.

On the Project List web page, I developed a Monthly Estimate view based on the listing. The screen shot is below:

I grouped the Customers and Projects by Service Type and then computed the Monthly Hours and Monthly Revenue. The computation was easy to do since I knew the Frequency, Estimated Work, and Project Rate. Monthly Hours and Monthly Revenue are what SharePoint calls “computed columns”. They do not require programming but they require an understanding of SharePoint formulas. Anyone on your staff that understands Excel formulas can set them up. You may be thinking this view is helpful but where are the totals? You cannot total on computed fields without doing some custom programming. Since you’re a small business and don’t have either that type of staff or money, I don’t recommend doing it.

There is a much better solution and by the way a picture is worth a thousand words. Connect & Export this view to Excel:

Then develop several pivot charts and place them onto the web page to view the data. Each time the Project Lists changes the pivot charts are automatically updated with your changes. BTW pivot charts are extremely easy to do with Excel 2013 or 2016.

Below are couple of possible pivot charts and tables.

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