QuickBooks Doc Center or SharePoint?

QuickBooks’ Doc Center is where you can store a document, give it a name, title, description, comments, attach keywords so you can look up related documents, and attach it to a transaction or item. So do you keep your documents in QuickBooks, SharePoint or both?

Since the accounting for your business occurs in QuickBooks, then you should keep those documents, with two exceptions, just in QuickBooks. I see no need for Vendor invoices, checks, credit memos, etc. residing in two places. SharePoint really does not provide any advantages over QuickBooks in this area.

An exception may be in areas where you are generating financial or accounting documents outside of QuickBooks. The post Sales Proposals in SharePoint Online is an example. We can use Microsoft Office’s capabilities to produce templates for uniformity and efficiency, tie them into sales and marketing, and make them easily assessable to everyone in the business so they can use them as references for multiple tasks. Also let’s face it, the job estimation in QuickBooks is rather primitive. Another example may be customer and job billing. QuickBooks’ billing templates are limited and many small businesses use Word or Excel to produce more complete and attractive billing statements.

A second exception would be if you need non accounting employees to access QuickBooks documents. Why have to pay for licenses and maintain them as users within QuickBooks for this one purpose?  In this case you may want to keep them in both places.

Non accounting and financial documents are more effectively handled in SharePoint and I cannot see any value of keeping these in QuickBooks’ Doc Center.

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