Modifying Quick Launch

The post Job/Project Setup Alternatives mentions that the SharePoint Quick Launch on the left hand side of the web page maybe cluttered if there are many templates, projects, etc. listed. One alternative is to add the projects and task templates as subheadings.

The screen shot below shows the results of this approach.

Edit Links

The above can be accomplished without modifying the navigation web part itself. So in keeping with this blog’s objective of keeping it simple and not requiring technical support here is how you do it.

A. Click on Edit Link shown above.  It is at the bottom of the Quick Launch.

B. Click on Add Link:

Add a link


  •    Enter the name of the heading.
  •    Do not enter a URL. Alternatively enter the Home Page of the Quick Launch as the URL.
  •   Click OK.

C. Click on Edit Link again

D.  If you did not enter a URL, click on the heading you just entered and remove the “/” that SharePoint put in automatically.

E. Click OK.

F. Go to the page you want to add to the Quick Launch and copy the URL.

G. Click on Site Settings.

Site Settings

G. Click on Quick Launch.

Quick Launch Settings

F. Click on New Navigation Link.

Quick Launch Heading

G.  Paste the URL you copied for the address, type a title for example “Jim’s Family Store Irrigation Project” and pick the Heading it is under, for example Project. Then click OK.

Navigation Link

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