Job/Project Setup Alternatives

In my post We got the Job! Now What?  I discuss when you may want to setup a job/project in SharePoint.  Let’s say that Larry’s Landscape & Garden Supply has just been award a new irrigation design project for one of its existing customers – Jim’s Family Store and they want to set up a project for one or more of the reasons discussed in that post. There are several alternatives:

Jim's Family Store Irrigation Task Plan

  • Set up a dedicated project site under the Service Delivery site as depicted below:

Jims Family Store Project Subsite

As you can see, the dedicated project subsite provides the full SharePoint functionality that comes with any SharePoint Team site. This alternative is best suited for more sophisticated and complex projects. The dedicated project Task Plan approach has the advantage of not requiring a separate site, but if you look at the Quick Launch menu on the left of the Service Delivery subsite in the first screen shot, it is getting pretty complicated. It displays Documents, Customer Landscaping Schedule, task templates, projects, etc. A lot of projects and template task plans could make the site and its navigation cumbersome.

Another alternative is to set up a SharePoint Subsite under Service Delivery dedicated to task templates and project task plans. This would keep the Service Delivery site less complicated and easier to navigate.



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