We Got The Job! Now What?

We were awarded the school irrigation plan project! We know that SharePoint has some great project management tools.  Do we go ahead and set up the project in SharePoint?  The answer to the question is it depends and we will be discussing various scenarios in this and other posts.

QuickBooks’ Sample Larry’s Landscape & Garden Supply is going to bill the school as they complete each phase of the project.  The amount billed is going to be what they bid for a given phase but they want to capture actual time to determine the accuracy of the bid. Pretty simple.  In this case, I would recommend exporting the tasks to QuickBooks as we discussed in that post and setting up the job just in QuickBooks. I would also add the Sales Price column to the export as discussed in the post.

I wouldn’t bother setting up the project in SharePoint since my project activity is almost entirely in QuickBooks. Like the irrigation proposal and estimate templates,  I would have both a SharePoint report template for this type of plan and a workflow for report review and approval. I probably want to easily review other completed irrigation plans during the project. Consequently, I would place the report in an appropriate SharePoint document library.

I would setup a project in SharePoint under these scenarios:

  • A customer with multiple projects.
  • Substantial project documentation (e.g. status reports, multiple deliverable documents, etc. – again I would have templates & workflows wherever possible).
  • Substantial or complex project reporting.
  • Complex project management requirements.
  • Large project teams.
  • Recurring or long term service contracts.
  • Staff needing to access project financial information but providing access to QuickBooks is not preferable.
  • Report across projects.

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