Sales Proposal Tracking

The post Sales Proposals in SharePoint discusses the generation of such documents. The question then comes: How do we track our school irrigation proposal once it is submitted? The posts addressing customer management (search tagline CRM) using SharePoint, particularly Lead Tracking – Direct Sales gives an example how sales and marketing activities can be managed using SharePoint. I would recommend that proposal tracking be incorporated into the overall customer relationship management process as displayed by our examples.

For those looking for a simple way to track proposals, here is a possible approach:

Proposal Document Library with tracking1

I added the following to our Proposal Library web page:

  • Date Submitted.  Tracks the date we gave it to the school.
  • Decision Date. The date on which they will make the award.
  • Disposition.  A drop down list to track its status.  The options being Accepted, Cancelled, Pending, and Rejected.  This lets us report on what finally happened to the proposal.
  • Notes.
  • Assigned To.  The QuickBooks Sample Larry’s Landscape and Garden Supply employee responsible for follow up.
  • Proposed $.  I can also sum this column on the web page so I can see the total value of Pending proposals.

Besides keeping the proposal in the document library, we could also add copy as an attachment to the school customer information on the “Customer & Prospect List.”  This allows it to be viewed from different pages.  Of course doing a site search would also bring us to the proposal.

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