Sales Proposals in SharePoint Online

The post Task List Templates in Service Delivery discusses how to setup a standard task plan for hypothetical project.

So now let’s pretend that one of our prospects, a school with a ten-acre lot, requests us to submit an irrigation design proposal.  Here is how we can efficiently handle the proposal document in SharePoint:

  1. Setup a Proposal Document Library on the Marketing & Sales subsite to handle Larry’s proposals.

  2. Set up a Workflow that automatically sets the review and approval process once the proposal is completed.

  3. Add an irrigation planning project proposal template to the library. This ensures that all proposals are complete and uniform.
  4. Along with the proposal template, the Irrigation Design Tasks template is exported to Excel and added to the library to ensure that bids are uniformly prepared. Notice that I added hours and project rate columns to spreadsheet in order compute the bid.

  5. Searched the library for other proposal to schools on ten acres to see how we bid and price those projects. I found that we had such a proposal. (I should note here that in a real business environment, I would have searched previously completed irrigation projects to understand how well we did compared to their bids in order to ensure a sound bid.)

  6. Opened both the irrigation proposal template and worksheet. Completed both of them and then saved them to document library.  Now I can wait for the message back telling me either the proposal and bid was approved or what changes need to be made.

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