Exporting Task Lists to QuickBooks

My post Task List Templates in Service Delivery discusses setting up task templates to ensure quality and consistency in project delivery.

Larry’s budgets and collects time on Irrigation Design projects.  Also if a customer wants to receive their design proposal and bill by subtask, Larry wants to be able to accommodate them.

Consequently, in order to capture time and bill the project, we need to export our tasks to QuickBooks.

This is accomplished by:

  1. Exporting the Task List to Excel.  This is a straight export from the Task List page.

Irrigation Design Tasks Export

Above you will notice that I added three columns to make the export easier:

  • A column combining Task # and Title since QuickBooks Service Items do not provide for a # column.
  • The QuickBooks Income Account for the task/service item.
  • The Sales Tax which in this case is Non.

Note:  I could have added a column for “Sales Price” to import this information into QuickBooks also.  The reason I did not is because Larry’s bills a fixed price for these projects.  If it was time based billing, I would probably have added this column.

2.  In QuickBooks under Lists>Add/Edit Multiple Lists, I setup the list to match the spreadsheet and then copy and paste all the rows at one time into QuickBooks Service Item List.

QuickBooks Tasks Import

Larry employees can now charge their time via the QuickBooks Timesheet.

QuickBooks Timesheet

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