Customer & Employee Scheduling

My post Example Employee List from QuickBooks discusses how to import employee information from QuickBooks into SharePoint.  Since SharePoint is team driven, we need to get employee information setup as easy as possible and without redundant data entry into multiple applications. The import process I outline in that post does that.

Now let’s look at using of our Employee List along with our Customer & Prospect List for showing an example of customer and employee scheduling.

QuickBooks’ “Sample Larry’s Landscaping & Garden Supply” company provides customer services that are repetitive and undertaken at the customer’s location. Effective service delivery can be achieved by optimally scheduling these services based on frequency and customer location.

Our first step is to determine the customers that require repetitive services and their addresses.  The view below shows us that information. In the Customer & Prospect list we captured the type of services customers want (e.g. basic lawn maintenance, tree & bush trimming, etc.). I checked off the services needing scheduling so I can view only those customers.  The list view is sorted by Zip Code and Street 1 Address so I can easily decide how to schedule the customers.

Lawn Customer ListThe second step is to set up a Service Delivery Calendar based on the above view to show which customers will receive the services by day, time and frequency.

Customer Landscaping Calendar  (Note: Please use your browser’s zoom function to enlarge the screen shot.  Also I only schedule a limited amount of customers for illustrative purposes.)

This Calendar provides an easy view of customers by day and duration.  Any Larry’s employee could view this calendar to see when the service is due and who will be undertaking the service.

The screen shot below depicts the information that is entered into the calendar. Also if a user was to double click on a customer name on the calendar they would also see this form with the completed information.

Calendar Service Schedule Form

Upon completing the Calendar, I will have the customers and service staff scheduled for the delivery of services.  The view of the below shows the result of the scheduling.

Customer Landscaping Schedule

Users can easily see all the required scheduling information.  I built in travel time between customers and the time it should take to deliver the service.  Since I also have employee information, I could calculate the amount of time an employee is busy during a given time period.

Scheduling of lawn mower equipment could also be added to this calendar to manage those resources.

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