Import/Export QuickBooks Customers

In the Customer List Post, I discuss setting up the central Customer Information list based on the QuickBooks Sample Larry’s Landscaping & Garden Supply company.  Since the customer information that I needed was already in QuickBooks here is how I imported into SharePoint:

  1. I developed a QuickBooks Memorized Report that contained the fields that match the Customer Information List fields.
  2. Ran the report and exported it to Excel.
  3. Opened my SharePoint Customer Information list in Edit mode.
  4. Cut and paste all the rows in Excel into the SharePoint list.  Note: I did all the rows at once.

Pretty simple and fast.

Since we are going to be tracking prospects on our company’s SharePoint site and then changing Is Prospect? to No once they become a customer, we are going to have to get their company information into QuickBooks.  Unless your getting a lot of customers at once, it is probably easiest to enter the data into QuickBooks.   However, you can use the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature in QuickBooks (Customers>New Customers & Jobs>Add Multiple Customer: Jobs). All you need to do is:

  1. Open your Customer Information List in Excel
  2. Save the spreadsheet.
  3. Use the above name Multiple List Name feature in QuickBooks.

Also pretty simple and fast.

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