HR Documents Custom List

The post Improving HR Communications shows how using the HR sub site’s Document Library is used to allow employees to accesses the companies HR documents.  Another approach is to set up a SharePoint Custom List for the HR documents.  The screen shot below shows this alternative:

HR Document Custom List

Notice that the list is much different than the document library.

  1. I named the list “Human Resources Documents”.
  2. Category and Sub Category items are added to group the documents rather than the folder approach in the Document Library.
  3. A Description item was added so the employee can understand what is in the document.  Note:  I could also have added Description to the Document Library.
  4. The paper clip is used as the link that opens the document.
  5. I sorted the list by category and sub category so that if there are a lot of different documents the employee could easily go down the list. Of course the search function can also be used to find a specific document.

If there were many Employee Benefits documents, I could have set up a separate list called “Employee Benefits”.

The “new item” and “edit this list” in the screen shot do not appear if the employee only had Read permissions.

Choosing either the Document Library or Custom List approach is really a matter of preference and the types and volumes of documents involved.

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