Lead Tracking – Direct Sales & Mailings

Direst sales and mail campaigns are heavily used by PRA in marketing and selling its products (software packages) and services (billing, cash collections, document management, etc.).

Sales staff visit targeted physician office on a schedule basis and provide collateral describing the company’s products and services, topics of interest (e.g. current trends, etc.), and Medicare statistics and analysis.  This material is provided to physicians in a set order and offices are visited on a set schedule.  Physician offices not directly visited by a salesperson are placed on a mailing list and receive the same materials.

All leads are tracked via a SharePoint Access app that resides on the Sales & Marketing sub site.  Here is a screen shot of the main lead tracking page (use the browser Zoom function to enlarge):Main Lead Page

The far left side contains the pages composing the lead tracking application.  The scrolling list is composed of all physician sales targets.  A sales person can search the list by name. The main page contains the contact and background data related to the physician practice.  The horizontal list under the contact and background data represents the following:

  • Contacts – people contacts at the physician’s office.
  • Drop Ins – marketing collateral provided to the lead.
  • Papers – background papers provided to the lead.
  • Medicare Programs – Medicare programs participated in by the practice.
  • Medicare Payments- received by the practice over the last 3 years (this data is retrieved from public data provide by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services know as CMS).
  • Service Offerings – the PRA products or services the physician may be interested in.
  • Secondary Specialties – of the physician’s practice.

Below are screen shots of each of these pages.  I will not go through the detail of each one.  The point I want to make is that PRA was able to develop a sophisticated lead tracking application customized to their needs using SharePoint in less than a week. The app was developed by a non IT staff member.  The app allows them to operate efficiently in carrying out and monitoring their sales efforts and at no additional costs for software and customization!

I do want to point out the last screen shot on this page.  It depicts one of 2 web pages that sales staff use to route themselves for their schedule visits.  The routing is based on the physician’s office address entered in the main page.  This routing capability saves PRA significant travel expenses and eliminates wasted time driving by the salesperson.


Contact Detail

Drop In


Service Offerings




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