Training Remote Sales Staff

PRA’s sales people generally do not have medical practice revenue experience when hired. They all work remotely out of their homes. Thus, PRA has the challenge of remote training and staff integration.

Let’s take a look at how the business need of remote training is addressed using a SharePoint list from the Sales subsite.  PRA setup a SharePoint List, screen shot below, that is organized in the order that a new sales person needs to review internal and external training materials to understand the software and service offerings of PRA.  The Task Name is the training action to be undertaken, Estimated Time provides guidance on the length of time that should be spent on that particular training task, and the Site Link provides links to internal training documents to be reviewed and studied and outside links to such sites as YouTube where there are training videos for viewing.

A new sales person downloads the training list into Excel and then changes the No to Yes as they complete each training task so they can keep track of their progress. In total there are 25 training tasks which take an estimated 3 days to complete.  At the end of each day a PRA sales manager meets via Microsoft Skype (video and voice conferencing technology available either independently or through Office 365) with the new staff persons to determine their progress and answer any questions they may have concerning the day’s training materials.

PRA finds the SharePoint list and daily review to be a highly effective training approach.  Also any sales person can access the list at any time to review areas that they may have forgotten about.

Sales Training Tasks

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