What is SB2O?  SB2O is a web based small business solution operating on Microsoft SharePoint Online.

How can SB2O help me?  SB2O allows small businesses to improve operations in the areas of:

  • Customer Management
  • Document Management
  • Human Resources
  • Job and Project Management
  • Staff Collaboration and Management.

SB2O may also reduce your current software costs, while making your software environment easier to manage with one easy to use solution.

How do I know if SB2O can help my small business? SB2O can help if you are experiencing:

  • Loss of customers and prospects due to lack of no follow up or late follow up.
  • No or little knowledge of customer satisfaction.
  • No or poorly managed marketing  and sales efforts.
  • Lack of insight into potential future sales.
  • Difficulty in keeping track of or losing documents and deliverables.
  • Not leveraging off of prior efforts and deliverables.
  • Difficulty in training staff.
  • Difficulty in planning and executing jobs and projects.
  • Lack of team communication resulting in loss of operational efficiency and organizational morale.
  • Use of overly complex, redundant, or expensive software packages.

SB2O can also be of assistance if you are not satisfied with your current performance in these areas.

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Questions?  Please email sales@sp4smallbiz.com .